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Professional Services

SAUVE VITRES is a Montreal based glass restoration company, founded in 2002. Our scratch removal technique is truly the most advanced in the industry. Our system quickly, easily, and neatly removes scratches and acid etching from

• Plate
• Tempered
• Laminated
• Thermo
• Curved Glass
on site without ever removing the glass, even if made by carbide scribes or other glass cutting tools.


SAUVE VITRES offers further professional services that protect customers from:

Anti-Theft Films
Anti-Graffiti Films

Anti-Solar Films

Paint Removal (all types of finished surfaces)


Service & guarantee

We will match all submissions with a 10% discount (applies to glass restoration only)

  • Our company guarantees to replace your glass should it break during the restoration process
  • Your restored glass has a 30 day guarantee against further damages via vandalism (conditions apply)

  • Service & Guarantee applies to glass restoration only

    Cost Effective: Manufacturing, distribution or fabrication environments by reducing scrapped glass. Cost effective in the field by saving the cost of removal, replacement and reinstallation.

  • Free estimation on all services